The Cymo LED endoscopy light source 7100 has a very high efficiency and a very long life expectancy. It is intended to substitute halogen lamp or xenon fiber optical illuminators. The unparalleled long life time (> 50,000 hours, longer than 250 halogen lamps or 100 xenon lamps) makes the LED light source the most cost-efficient illuminator, and results in the fact that changing the lamp is never needed.

The Cymo LED light source 7100 is a Super Silent product. The 7100 LED light source generates no more than 30dB(A) airborne noise, four times quieter than other traditional products. The airborne noise is hardly audible, preventing the annoying noise in the operation room and providing a comfortable operating environment.

Consistent color temperature when dimming
In contrast to a halogen lamp, the color temperature of the Cymo 7100 LED light source does not change when the light is dimmed or as the LED ages, resulting in a consistent visual appearance.

Exchangeable light guide adapter
The light source is equipped with a Storz compatible light guide connector. Optionally, ACMI, Olympus, and Wolf light guide connectors are available.

Cymo Lichtbron 7100

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